“We have established that Educate Together has strong support in each of these areas and we’re looking forward to working with local campaigners to bring the Educate Together ethical education ethos to North Dublin, Galway, Louth/Meath and Wicklow.’
Paul Rowe, CEO of Educate Together

“An Educate Together second level school in Dublin 13 would give parents greater choice in how their children complete their secondary education. Everyday life is about having a religion or none. Educate Together schooling offers children the opportunity to learn and grow without feeling isolated or different. It respects all experiences and reflects the diversity of our families, communities and society.”
Sandra Adams, Dublin 13     

“We were lucky to have a choice when choosing our kids primary school. We were even luckier to have the option of our preferred choice, an Educate Together national school. We wanted our kids to learn in a co-educational, non-denominational environment, you know, like the real world we live in. Educate together provides this environment in spades. The mutual respect shown between the pupils and teachers is organic and in no way enforced. The enthusiasm of the teachers shown not only in the core curriculum but also extra curricular activities. Dropping the kids into school each morning with smiles on their faces just reaffirms that we made the correct choice for our family. We hope to continue their education in an Educate Together secondary school.”
Aidan Kenny, Dublin 13                                                                                                      

“I sent my daughter to Educate Together because they teach every religion but none as the truth. This allowing each child the opportunity to make an informed decision based on important and unbiased information. A right that should be afforded to every child.

I keep my daughter in Educate Together for reasons that are so much more than religion. Because of the ethos of inclusivity, diversity and the strong sense of community they foster. The support they offer each and every child. Because they want and encourage my input, my help and my feedback as a parent and they do all of that while educating my child to an impressive standard. “
Alison Cryan, Dublin 13

“This [the Blueprint document for Educate Together Second-level Schools] is, in effect, a blueprint for a new standard in second level education – a standard that places equality at the heart of school practice and policy. In this school, diversity is a resource, stereotypes are eliminated and young people are empowered to participate constructively in our diverse society. Educate Together will serve us all well in bringing this blueprint into fruition.”
Niall Crowley, former CEO of the Equality Authority

“The multi denominational nature of Educate Together means that children learn about many faith traditions which broadens their understanding of the world in which they live. As practising Catholics we have found that our children learn to appreciate their own faith and the important distinguishing features it has, which they value.”
Anne Morris, Dublin 13

“Our kids Educate Together NS is a green school with a big focus on the environment. The school teaches the kids how to live in this world and deal with the many problems caused by us people. Saving the planet is part of their education. The kids can really enjoy learning about the world and themselves.”
Martina Riecka, Dublin 13

“We enrolled our daughters in an Educate Together national school because the ethos of mutual respect, equality and inclusivity are important values for us.

As a family we have gotten so much from our Educate Together primary school experience. As parents we are actively involved with the school community via volunteering for school events and programs, the Parents council, Annual General Meetings and supporting the Student Council. 

Our children are benefiting from inclusive and innovative teaching methods that embed the ethos and values in the curriculum and all school activities.  I would love to see my daughters secondary education continue with Educate Together.”
Orlagh Moore, Dublin 5

What we are hoping to achieve in the Dublin 13 area of Clongriffin, Belmayne, Bayside, Howth and Sutton is that a new Educate Together school is established  to facilitate those children, so that they can have that continuum of ethos of education which every other school child has in that area. No other child in that area is asked to change the ethos of their schooling from primary to secondary. 
Senator Aodhán Ó’Ríordáin, Dublin Bay North addressing Minster for Education, Richard Bruton in Seanad Éireann, April 4th 2017. 

“Our kids have been lucky to experience Educate Together learning and personal growth philosophy all through primary school. As parents, it’s obvious to us their post primary needs will be best served by attending a second level Educate Together school, both from an education and learning continuity standpoint. “
Brian Foley, Dublin 13

“Educate together teaches our child to appreciate and accept diversity in an increasingly cosmopolitan Ireland.”
Pauline Gavin, Dublin 13

“I picked an Educate Together school for my children as I love their child-led ethos. In Belmayne Educate Together I feel my children have a voice, which is listened to and respected, by teachers and their peers. I also enjoy the opportunities that I get from Belmayne Educate Together to be involved in my children’s education.”
Karina Malone, Dublin 13

“As a former Educate Together teacher (and one who deliberately chose to work in an Educate Together school) this is the ONLY patron that explicitly bases its ethos on and walks the walk (not just talk) of human rights and responsibility, full inclusion and genuine respect for the whole school community”.
Alison Gilliland, Labour Party DCC Councillor for Beaumount -Donaghmede